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uTouch & Gentoo

In the last weeks I ported the uTouch Multitouch Stack from Canoncial to Gentoo.

What is ported:

.) Changes from Ubuntu for inputproto, xorg-server, evdev, glib, libXi
.) utouch-frame
.) utouch-geis
.) utouch-grail
.) utouch-evemu
.) mtdev
.) bamf
.) ginn

To get it work:

1.) Download my ebuilds from here
2.) Extract it to a folder of your choice
3.) Add this folder to your overlays
4.) Add the utouch USE flag to your USE flags
5.) Update inputproto, xorg-server, evdev, glib, libXi and emerge ginn

Have fun!

  1. 2011/05/04 at 14:45


    Can you create overlay with your ported packages?


    • sabotageandi
      2011/05/04 at 15:56

      I can try.
      Are there any informations/how to do that?

      • bartoz
        2011/05/14 at 20:42

        I think you really should open a bug on http://bugs.gentoo.org/ to let the gentoo community know of these ebuilds (and maybe find people interested in testing/improving them).
        Probably, your ebuilds could make it into the sunrise overlay.
        I think that utouch support in gentoo would be great!

  2. burntoto
    2011/08/05 at 08:28

    this is right. your work is nice.
    Now it needs to be spread and to go in overlays.
    This would be the way to do.
    it s like a repository basically. ask in the gentoo chat, they”ll help. /join #gentoo in freenode IRC channel.

  3. terminar
    2011/08/19 at 12:43

    It should be mentioned that the ebuilds from here aren’t up to date. The git from sabotageandi at github is also not up to date.

    If someone is interested in finding the utouch stuff, http://git.overlays.gentoo.org/gitweb/?p=user/sabotageandi.git;a=summary

    You can try layman -a sabotageandi

  4. kami
    2011/12/23 at 19:19


    if i am trying to compile evdev i am always getting this error:

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks a lot .

    Cu kami


    • sabotageandi
      2011/12/25 at 19:20

      The problem is the updated inputproto version 2.1.
      You have to mask it and use my latest one (2.0.2-r1). Only there the Xi2.1 patches can be applied and then xf86-input-evdev can be compiled.

      • kami
        2011/12/26 at 12:29


        thanks a lot for the Answer. I installed 2.0.2-r1 from inputproto. But evdev has the same error:


        Can you help?

        Can you please post your xorg.conf and maybe your grub.conf because i am looking for a good framebuffer setting for my Macbook?

        Thanks a lot.

        Cu kami

  5. kami
    2012/01/08 at 13:20

    No new ideas??

    Thx for help 🙂

    Cu kami

    • sabotageandi
      2012/01/08 at 15:07

      Did you add the utouch USE flag to your make.conf?

  6. kami
    2012/01/08 at 17:55


    yes i added utouch to make.conf:

    There is still this error :


    Cu kami

  7. sabotageandi
    2012/01/08 at 20:25

    Ok. Did you installed utouch-grail?
    The errors looks like something from grail is missing.

  8. kami
    2012/01/08 at 21:31


    yes utouch-grail is installed:

    [ebuild R ] x11-libs/utouch-grail-2.0.0 0 kB [1]

    Cu kami

  9. kami
    2012/01/11 at 18:03


    after some testing i get utouch working i just have to mask this packages inputproto, xorg-server, evdev, glib, libXi and use the packages with utouch Flag from the sabotageandi portage. Maybe someone can tell me now how to use utouch and ginn with a macbook air touchpad? My configuration is not so good.

    Thanks a lot.

    Cu kami

  10. Peter John Hartman
    2012/05/08 at 16:19

    Hi. I opened a bug on bugs.gentoo.org 415089. I started porting utouch myself and then found your work. I’ve cleaned up some of the ebuilds. Hopefully, we can get it into mainstream.

    • sabotageandi
      2012/05/08 at 19:45

      Good to hear that someone can use my work. I have no Gentoo system running anymore, so I can not help you.
      I wish you luck to get the stuff into mainstream.

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