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Windows 8 on multi touch coffee table

Last wednesday Microsoft published a developer preview of Windows 8. You can get it here.

After trying it out on my Acer 1825PTZ  I decided to put it on my self build multi touch coffee table.

4 hours installing and configuring CCV and Bsqsimulator I got it running. And I was impressed.
The new metro ui works perfect at touchscreens. I couldn’t really stop sitting at the table and “touching” everything.

I plan to do some videos in the next week to show a little bit more, than this one screenshot.

When you see the stuff in live action, you know why I definitely want something like that on the Linux desktop!

  1. sabotageandi
    2011/11/14 at 09:53
  2. 2012/08/02 at 16:40

    You seem to be one of the few on this planet who got this working on W8..
    Did you level up to Release Preview yet? I’m collecting information on how I might get it running this weekend…
    greetings from Aachen,

    • sabotageandi
      2012/08/11 at 12:45


      No, I did not upgraded to the new Preview. I will wait for the final version to upgrade my system.

      BR from Vienna

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