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First Release of MokoSync

After weeks of developing I am releasing the first version of my PIM Sync tool MokoSync.

At the moment it only supports Outlook and OM2008.12, but it has an AddIn- Interface and so other PIMs and Freerunner OSs can be easily supported.

The sync logic is also not complete. Currently all data on your Freerunner will be deleted and all data from Outlook will be transfered into the OM2008.12 PIM stack.

So, but now how you install it.

On Windows:

You need the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and GTK# (you get it here) to run MokoSync

Download the setup at, extract it and install it.

On OM2008.12:

Install Mono 2.0.1 and Gtk# 2.12.5 on the OpenMoko. Instructions are here.

Then install the ipk from

In Illume you will get a new Icon to start MokoSync. It can take a little time, because of the startup of the Mono runtime.


You need an established network connection between the Freerunner and you PC.

Start MokoSync on your PC and on the Freerunner. On Windows MokoSync is ready to use and you only need to press “Sync” to start the server process.

At the Freerunner it depends if you are using the standard IP settings ( for the Freerunner, for the PC). If not click on “Config” and at the “Sync Transfer Addin”\Client click also on “Config”. At the Server box enter the IP of your windows machine.

After leaving the configuration, you can start the syncronisation. BE CAREFUL!! ALL YOUR CONTACTS AND CALENDAR ENTRIES WILL BE DELETED!!!

You see the status of the syncronisation between the grey area and the buttons. It is completet when it displays “Sync complete”.

I wish happy syncing. If you encounter any bugs or problems, please create a ticket at

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